Tips on Improving Productivity by Reading Faster

fast readingThe world’s fastest reader is known to read up to eighty pages of standard article per minute. This of course wasn’t a day’s achievement, but a series of self-improvement from one level to another over time. An individual could read faster than 200 words per minute by having the following tips, which can be found if you download leitura dinamica pdf.

To start with, it is important to know how much you can read per minute. Using an article that you have already read, time yourself for a minute and read normally and as the alarm goes out, find out the number of words you read within the time limit. Then take another chapter and with the aid of your finger, try to read through the lines following your fingers across the page as fast as you can comprehend. Do this for about ten minutes, trying to read as fast as you can. Start again from where you began and time yourself this time round for a minute. You will be astonished to realize that you read more words per minute than your normal rate.

Certain habits have to be done away with in order to improve reading speed. The first habit is fixation where you focus on one word at a time. In this case, one is to practice reading words as a group. For example in reading ‘United States of America’, there is no need of focusing on every word.

Another habit called regression is also common where a reader stops reading forward and then goes back to reread a word or a sentence. Try to stay focused as much as possible while reading and also seek to read the next sentence in order to understand previous lines that might seem incomprehensible.

The third habit that should also be worked on is that called auditory reassurance characterized by saying the word in your mind while reading. It’s like hearing your voice saying the word as you read. It is not necessary to say these words to avoid wasting time since some words are already oblivious.

In conclusion, reading skill is actually necessity in this age of information to help cope with demands at school, home, work and other areas where reading forms the basis of acquiring knowledge. It is not an inborn ability but diligent practice has to be observed to realize best outcomes.

What is Direct Response?

 straight pathThe business landscape is more competitive than ever. Competitors are now not only those business in one’s locality but is virtually any business in the world through the virtual world. This means that a business owner must not only gain the attention of those in the locality or region but also the global audience where possible. 

Whereas mass marketing is effective for targeting a large audience in a given locality, it is not as effective as direct response marketing for a diverse audience such as is to be found on the internet. Direct response marketing allows businesses to get in touch directly with a customer and the customer is able to respond immediately. This is done via platforms such as emails, text messages and online banner ads.

Direct marketing offers several advantages over mass marketing. To enjoy the benefits of direct response marketing however, one must have a good marketing strategy. Another big factor for success is a competent direct response copywriter. Some of the advantages of direct marketing are that it is cheap when compared to mass marketing. It also requires less time to generate results, making it well suited for companies that can not afford to run advertisements in several countries for several months.

Hiring a good Direct Response Copywriter improves the results of a direct marketing campaign using several techniques. The first is focusing on the client and what they derive from the product or service. Too many times marketing campaigns fails when in-housing marketing personnel or the business owner focuses on the business or the features of the product or the service. Most people simply want to know how what you offer benefits them.

The other thing a good direct response copywriter does is turn the advertisement to a call-of-action. This make the client feel that they need to respond to the advertisement or lose out on a great deal. This automatically leads to better results being obtained from the marketing effort.

Yoga Ball Chair Company Takes a Stand Against Back Pain

working on the ballIf you, like many others suffer from back and neck problems due to spending hours at your desk then a Yoga Ball Chair is just what you need. It is a latex-free, anti-burst ball designed to boost your energy levels and promote better posture through ergonomics. The ergonomic back support curves from the frame to meet your lower back encouraging better posture. For extra comfort the back rest features a cushion bar. When the ball is in the support system it promotes ideal posture, which increase back strength. Back strength in turn leads to better circulation with less neck and joint pain.

After using the yoga ball chair you will not want to go back to your regular desk chair as it will help relieve back pain and promote spinal alignment and overall wellbeing. There is minimal assembly required, which makes it hassle-free. It comes with an adjustable support bar, an air pump, easy-glide caster wheels and a desktop guide. The ball can be removed for a full body workout of which there are endless possibilities.  For the top reviews on yoga chairs, check out


- Ergonomically designed to build back muscles required for ideal posture and back strength.
- Alleviates neck and joint pain and increase blood circulation.
- Comes with four locking casters, two in front and two at the back for moving around and stability when locked.
- It’s latex free and anti-burst ball design means that you will have an exercise partner for many years to come.
- Easy to assemble.


- No height adjustment, especially if your desk is at a different height.
- It takes a few days to get used to it and in the beginning you may want to go back to your ordinary chair, but it’s worth the getting use too.
- May have to be inflated regularly in the beginning.

In conclusion this is a great product if you are spending a lot of time at your desk and/or if you are suffering from back and neck pains. If is also great for giving you the necessary energy boost to get you through your busy day. It is perfect for squeezing in that occasional exercise break at work.