Direct Response: Lesson 2

12 people in a circleFor those who are not aware, Direct Response Marketing is a strategy that aims to identify potential of purchase of a particular product by a specific target group. Marketing is dynamic, but this method is going to be in use for a long time. This is mainly because the technique aims at getting potential client feedback almost instantly. Furthermore, this marketing method requires fewer resources and allows even small businesses to advertise to the masses. 

Direct response marketing is very concise and fast. The goal is to get the response between the advertiser and responder in no time. Mostly, the feedback is given to the advertiser hence the potential of sales is determined promptly. This method is generally underused yet it can be effective in very many different advertising scenarios. Such a marketing technique will mostly involve the user experience of popular personalities. This is enough inspiration for people to embrace a product in a short time. In some cases, however, the user experience does not have to be a famous person. Testimonials of just average customers is good enough.

Direct response marketing also aims to show how a product or a service has been a solution in the past of people’s lives. When potential clients understand that a product is reliable they will be inclined to respond positively. Questions and direct response marketing are just inseparable. This one way the marketing method collects data on how a product will sell. 

When it comes to direct response marketing, visuals are everything. The message will always be underlined, indented or in caps. Such methods ensure that the key message is well highlighted and almost impossible to ignore. Another key aspect that creates the best of response marketing is involving facts in your message. Finally, those who are keen will note that color is an important part of getting response from potential customers. 

Health Spot: How Effective Is Coffee Bean Extract In Helping You To Lose Weight?

green coffeeLosing weight is a very difficult process, there is absolutely no doubt about that! As a result, people turn to all sorts of dietary supplements in order to make life easier for themselves. Green Coffee Bean Extract is one such product, currently trending as the most popular weight loss supplement in the world.

As you may have already gathered from the name, this dietary supplement is extracted from green coffee beans. It has a substance known as Chlorogenic Acid which is considered to be responsible for effecting weight loss in individuals. Back in 2012, Dr. Oz, a famous American TV doctor and possibly the most gifted health “guru” the world has seen, promoted green coffee extracts as a means of weight loss.

While I am a big fan of health supplements in general, dietary and weight loss products tend to make me sceptical since they rarely work as advertised. So if you are to lose weight with coffee beans, how effective would green coffee extracts prove to be? Read on to find out more.

So what exactly is a green coffee bean extract? The natural color of coffee beans in green but they are roasted before being eventually sold for consumption. This is where the beans turn brown.

It is a well known fact that coffee beans are packed with pharmacologically active compounds and antioxidants. Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine are two of the most important substances in this regard. The former is believed to be the most active ingredient in this regard, producing all the desired effects for weight loss. Unfortunately, most of it gets withered away as soon as coffee is roasted. This is why regular coffee beans fail to have the same level of effect on weight loss, though you cannot discount the numerous other health benefits of drinking coffee.

How does a green coffee bean extract supplement work? Green coffee bean extract contains a certain amount of caffeine which is said to boost metabolism by as much as 11%. However, chlorogenic acid is the main active ingredient to work with. A number of studies conducted on human beings have revealed that this compound is capable of reducing carbohydrate absorption along the digestive tract which reduces spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels.

If this is indeed true, then there will be very little difference between following a low-carbohydrate diet and adding coffee bean extracts to the diet regime. Studies conducted in mice and rats have shown its benefits in reducing liver fat and keeping the body weight in check. Chlorogenic acid has also been found to improve triglyceride and cholesterol levels in rats- these are usually huge triggers of heart diseases.

Is there an adverse side to it as well? As per the limited evidence on offer, green coffee bean extracts have so far shown a pretty good safety profile. However, there have also been reports from certain studies where individuals have dropped out citing urinary tract infection and headache. Since the study base has been very small, it is difficult to pin-point the use of these extracts as a cause for the same- how can you simply rule out coincidence?

Green coffee also contains a certain proportion of caffeine. This has numerous side effects if consumed in very large proportions: rapid heartbeat, jitteriness, and anxiety to name a few. Those who are sensitive to this substance should be very careful when consuming green coffee bean extracts. Chlorogenic acid, on the other hand, may produce a laxative effect and result in diarrhoea.
This weight loss supplement has also produced allergies in some individuals. So if you are aware of being allergic to coffee, it is best to look elsewhere. Green coffee extracts are not recommended for children and pregnant and breast-feeding women as well.

So what have we concluded? As it stands, green coffee bean extract looks like a very useful aid for weight loss while also having benefits for blood pressure and glucose metabolism. However, the studies are not to be relied upon. Being small and conducted over a short-term basis, they have mostly been undertaken by the companies who deal in such weight loss products. At the end of the day, it is a changed diet and healthy lifestyle that will help you get long term results as far as weight loss is concerned.

Nevertheless, all said and done, green coffee bean extracts are worth giving a try for those who are really very curious about it. It will likely have a mild effect lasting for a few weeks, maybe months, but it would be wrong to expect anything far more significant than that.

Losing weight is not a sprint, it is akin to a marathon. So as far as obtaining long-term solutions is concerned, a quick fix procedure is never the way to go!

New Product on the Market: Ripped Muscle X

botlesRipped Muscle X is a supplement that is designed to help men get ripped, but does it work? Here is some information about this supplement that can help you determine if you should use it or just avoid it.

What Is It
It is a powerful formula that will help you build muscle and burn fat. Ripped Muscle X is made with a unique Creatine formula. It is made with natural ingredients, and it works fast. Below is what you can expect when you take this supplement.

Longer Pumps
Many people have experienced longer pumps after taking this product. If you want to feel pumped up all day long, especially after working out, then you should start taking this supplement as soon as possible.   Most active prohormones aren’t as effective as this.

Increased Energy
Do you feel sluggish throughout the day or not motivated to workout? Ripped Muscle X increases your energy and you will be motivated to train often. You will have more energy than you probably ever had.

Speed Up Your Digestion Rate
One of the reasons why this supplement is so effective at helping you burn fat is because it speeds up your digestion rate and your metabolism. This means you will burn fat very quickly and you will become lean in no time.

Increase Your Strength
When it comes to getting ripped, sometimes sacrificing strength is something that needs to be done. That is unless you take Ripped Muscle X. Taking it will not only help you get shredded, but it will increase your strength by a lot. If you want to lift more and have a more muscular physique, then you need to get your hands on this product.

You will also be pleased to know that this product does not cost a lot of money, and it doesn’t take long to feel it working, as well as being able to see results. You will feel the effects of it shortly after taking it, and within a few weeks you could end up being leaner and more muscular than you have ever been in your life.

The Business of Aging and Phytoceramides Side Effects

Phytoceramides are anti aging supplements which are available both as capsules and as creams. They work by hydrating and oxidizing the skin consequently halting the aging process on the skin. This means that people with wrinkles and other aging signs on their skin especially on their faces use these supplements to eliminate these signs. However, even though these supplements have become popular amongst many people, there are various side effects that are associated with them.

woman washing faceOne of the phytoceramides side effects is that they can cause negative reaction on people using other medications and pregnant women. This means that when these supplements are taken by pregnant women and people on other pills, there is a high likely hood of discomfort or even other medical side effects. This is especially when they are taken orally since they go direct to the digestive system and then to the skin. Consequently, it is always advisable for people intending to use these supplements to visit qualified and competent medical doctors prior to using the supplements.

Phytoceramides also have the side effect of causing skin conditions such as rashes on some people. This is attributed to the fact that different people have different types of skins which reacts differently to different chemicals. Some of the people who use these supplements especially in cream form usually complain of developing rashes or their skins becoming too dry. This also means that it is paramount to ask for advice from a qualified physician before starting to use these supplements. This is meant to confirm that the chemicals in the supplements cannot react negative with ones particular type of skin.

Phytoceramides are also known to cause headaches in some people who use them. This is because they usually work by tightening the skin which can in turn cause headaches. This is one of the most common Phytoceramides side effects. However, this effect usually happens on the initial stages of using these supplements where over time the skin adapts to the changes. Therefore, these supplements have the outlined side effects even though they are popular amongst people wishing to deal with the visible effects of aging.

Why Coleus Forskohlii is a Great Fat Burner

purple plant bushColeus forskohlii is an indigenous tropical plant found in Southern Asia. Its origin relates to both the lavender and the mint families. Its roots have been increasingly used in traditional Indian medicines for centuries as a cure to treat lung disorders, heart disease as well as increase in strength.

The most active compound in coleus forskohlii is known as forskolin and has tremendously gained popularity in the recent times as a powerhouse of an effective dietary supplement. A number of its clinically-proven effects are; improved fat-burning activity, increased cardiovascular health, muscle-relaxation, glaucoma treatment, as well as an increased thyroid function.

Reasons why Coleus Forskohlii is the best fat burner 

1. It breaks down stored fat

Lipase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat cells by releasing fatty acids, and in return burns them to make energy. Coleus forskohlii stimulates the hormone-sensitive lipase, which focuses on triglycerides and cholesterol.

2. Boosts Metabolism

In order to lose weight and feel energized as well, our bodies should have a high-functioning metabolism. However, diabetes and insulin resistance in obese people hinders their metabolic processes from functioning effectively. It is in such cases where coleus forskohlii chips in to improve lipid metabolism as well as increasing insulin sensitivity.

3. Increases Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is out rightly related to metabolism. When thermogenesis is taking place, heat is produced through fat oxidation and energy expenditure processes. In this case, coleus forskohlii activates the thermogenic process in fat tissues.

4. Reduces Body Fat

Coleus forskohlii has been proven to boost metabolism, break down fats as well as increase thermogenesis hence leading to fat loss.

A recent study showed that thirty overweight men were given coleus forskohlii twice daily for a period of 12 weeks and others were placed on a placebo. Those taking coleus forskohlii had lost 10% body fat by the end of the program and it was noted that their lean muscle, bone mass, and testosterone also increased. Those placed on placebo group did not get significant results.

In another study conducted on women, twenty-three obese women took coleus forskohlii twice daily for a similar period of 12 weeks. Even though neither group lost any body fat, those taking coleus forskohlii reported a reduction in hunger and fatigue; moreover they did not add weight.

Is it Worth Trying?

Since coleus forskohlii’s is a non-stimulant, it is therefore user-friendly for those intending to lose weight without using caffeine. Apparently, coleus forskohlii is the best fat burner and the only tool you need in order to stay slim with positive effects.



Top 5 Fat Loss Supplements For Effortless Dieting

skinny girlAre you looking for a painless way to lose those pesky extra pounds? Frustrated with fad diets? No need to despair, because you can use these fat loss supplements to lose weight without dieting:

1. Vitamin D: An important factor in increasing glucose sensitivity, which then causes less fat to be stored in cells. Although this vitamin can be taken in pill form, it is also synthesized by the body when exposed to the sun.

2. Calcium: This is a mineral that acts in synergy with vitamin D to promote fat release; in addition, calcium binds to fat in the GI tract and prevents it from getting into the bloodstream.

3. Ms Energy: Ms Energy is one of the most popular weight loss supplements for women today:

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Its action is fairly similar to that of vitamin D. CLA works alongside calcium and vitamin D to enhance glucose sensitivity and subsequent fat release. CLA is a naturally-occurring component of milk and meat products derived from sheep, cows and other animals.

5. Green tea extract: You probably already know that green tea is a powerful ally of weight loss, as it contains the thermogenic compound polyphenol. Polyphenol ‘heats up’ the body as soon as it is ingested, a result of its boost in metabolism.

Summing up, all these pills can be effective for weight loss. In fact, they can boost fat loss rate by up to 70%! Nevertheless, there are 2 more variables that can make or break your efforts, diet and exercise. You simply cannot expect to lose weight, while stuffing yourself with unhealthy food. Diet supplements work best, when combined with a well-balanced nutrition plan and exercise. Only then will you finally be able to get rid of extra weight once and for all!

Tips on Improving Productivity by Reading Faster

fast readingThe world’s fastest reader is known to read up to eighty pages of standard article per minute. This of course wasn’t a day’s achievement, but a series of self-improvement from one level to another over time. An individual could read faster than 200 words per minute by having the following tips.

To start with, it is important to know how much you can read per minute. Using an article that you have already read, time yourself for a minute and read normally and as the alarm goes out, find out the number of words you read within the time limit. Then take another chapter and with the aid of your finger, try to read through the lines following your fingers across the page as fast as you can comprehend. Do this for about ten minutes, trying to read as fast as you can. Start again from where you began and time yourself this time round for a minute. You will be astonished to realize that you read more words per minute than your normal rate.

Certain habits have to be done away with in order to improve reading speed. The first habit is fixation where you focus on one word at a time. In this case, one is to practice reading words as a group. For example in reading ‘United States of America’, there is no need of focusing on every word.

Another habit called regression is also common where a reader stops reading forward and then goes back to reread a word or a sentence. Try to stay focused as much as possible while reading and also seek to read the next sentence in order to understand previous lines that might seem incomprehensible.

The third habit that should also be worked on is that called auditory reassurance characterized by saying the word in your mind while reading. It’s like hearing your voice saying the word as you read. It is not necessary to say these words to avoid wasting time since some words are already oblivious.

In conclusion, reading skill is actually necessity in this age of information to help cope with demands at school, home, work and other areas where reading forms the basis of acquiring knowledge. It is not an inborn ability but diligent practice has to be observed to realize best outcomes.

What is Direct Response?

 straight pathThe business landscape is more competitive than ever. Competitors are now not only those business in one’s locality but is virtually any business in the world through the virtual world. This means that a business owner must not only gain the attention of those in the locality or region but also the global audience where possible. 

Whereas mass marketing is effective for targeting a large audience in a given locality, it is not as effective as direct response marketing for a diverse audience such as is to be found on the internet. Direct response marketing allows businesses to get in touch directly with a customer and the customer is able to respond immediately. This is done via platforms such as emails, text messages and online banner ads.

Direct marketing offers several advantages over mass marketing. To enjoy the benefits of direct response marketing however, one must have a good marketing strategy. Another big factor for success is a competent direct response copywriter. Some of the advantages of direct marketing are that it is cheap when compared to mass marketing. It also requires less time to generate results, making it well suited for companies that can not afford to run advertisements in several countries for several months.

Hiring a good Direct Response Copywriter improves the results of a direct marketing campaign using several techniques. The first is focusing on the client and what they derive from the product or service. Too many times marketing campaigns fails when in-housing marketing personnel or the business owner focuses on the business or the features of the product or the service. Most people simply want to know how what you offer benefits them.

The other thing a good direct response copywriter does is turn the advertisement to a call-of-action. This make the client feel that they need to respond to the advertisement or lose out on a great deal. This automatically leads to better results being obtained from the marketing effort.

Yoga Ball Chair Company Takes a Stand Against Back Pain

working on the ballIf you, like many others suffer from back and neck problems due to spending hours at your desk then a Yoga Ball Chair is just what you need. It is a latex-free, anti-burst ball designed to boost your energy levels and promote better posture through ergonomics. The ergonomic back support curves from the frame to meet your lower back encouraging better posture. For extra comfort the back rest features a cushion bar. When the ball is in the support system it promotes ideal posture, which increase back strength. Back strength in turn leads to better circulation with less neck and joint pain.

After using the yoga ball chair you will not want to go back to your regular desk chair as it will help relieve back pain and promote spinal alignment and overall wellbeing. There is minimal assembly required, which makes it hassle-free. It comes with an adjustable support bar, an air pump, easy-glide caster wheels and a desktop guide. The ball can be removed for a full body workout of which there are endless possibilities.  For the top reviews on yoga chairs, check out


– Ergonomically designed to build back muscles required for ideal posture and back strength.
– Alleviates neck and joint pain and increase blood circulation.
– Comes with four locking casters, two in front and two at the back for moving around and stability when locked.
– It’s latex free and anti-burst ball design means that you will have an exercise partner for many years to come.
– Easy to assemble.


– No height adjustment, especially if your desk is at a different height.
– It takes a few days to get used to it and in the beginning you may want to go back to your ordinary chair, but it’s worth the getting use too.
– May have to be inflated regularly in the beginning.

In conclusion this is a great product if you are spending a lot of time at your desk and/or if you are suffering from back and neck pains. If is also great for giving you the necessary energy boost to get you through your busy day. It is perfect for squeezing in that occasional exercise break at work.