What You’ll Need to Build PC for Gaming

Building a computer might sound intimidating, but it has proven many benefits for those who love PC gaming. You get to have more control of the overall quality for your PC, and you are free to make tweaks under the hood anytime you want. With the right set of parts and a little patience, you’ll be able to build your own PC in no time. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.


The central processing unit or CPU is basically your computer’s brain. The CPU is responsible for sending out tasks and controlling the number of tasks. It also determines how fast those tasks can be completed. Do a little research on the processors that professional gamers usually use and ask around for which ones are best. You can then choose one to start building your computer.



Like its name, the ‘mother’ board is responsible for various other components of your computer. Your chosen motherboard must accommodate the rest of your PC family, such as the memory, storage, and even power supply. Check out the best z370 motherboard that has amazed many gamers from its positive reviews. You can do some experiments with motherboards, but make sure to consult with experts first so you won’t risk frying it.



A random access memory or RAM is responsible for accessing files fastly and is able to run multiple processes without lagging.
We recommend gamers to get at least 4GB of RAM to build your computer. It is the minimum space you need for your game to run on. You can also get a 16GB RAM if your games take up more space, such as high-end games like Battlefield 3. Don’t forget to check your motherboard’s specs to determine what speed and types are available.

Graphics processing unit

The graphics processing unit is responsible for ensuring a high-quality visual during your gaming experience. It is quite a luxurious component, to say the least, but it is definitely worth investing on. Your games can look photorealistic without causing lags, and there’s nothing better than that. Read reviews on which GPU is best for the type of games you will play and will suit your motherboard as well.

nvidia geforce processing unit

Along with accessories, PC gaming experience can also be enhanced by many other factors. Accessories are also a big part of PC gaming. You can look up on how to upgrade your monitor, keyboard, mouse, controllers, and headphones.