Inbox Blueprint – Everything You Need To Know

Marketing and selling are crucial but hard functions; more so if you have to do them by email. That is why various business models seek to help you achieve the best as far as the two (marketing and selling) are concerned. One such model is the Inbox Blueprint.ihiyhuygto7p9ghp

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Simply put, it is a unique step-by-step program that helps you to build and utilize an email list. Inbox Blueprint achieves this by attracting visitors to your site and extending an incentive to them in exchange for their email addresses. Anik Singal is the brain behind this online tool.

Targeted Audience

The program is designed for anybody who seeks to make money online and desires to learn email marketing. According to Anik, once you learn the course you will be on course to making a thousand dollars online overnight. So, what should you expect from Inbox Blueprint?

  • Tricks on how to pick a niche: you will discover the best online niches and how you can win them through email marketing.
  • Opt-In-Pages: the program will enable you to design and create effective opt-in-pages; which in turn will maximize the number of people that you will get on your list.
  • A thank-you page: you will get a secret thank-you page from Anik. It will help you to monetize your list from the get go.Auto-responder: the program will enhance your ability to handle subscribers and outgoing emails.
  • Click tracker: you will get new knowledge on how to monitor sent emails. It includes information on whether recipients have clicked on them and how you can respond.
  • Email marketing strategies: it comes with a variety of strategies that will enrich your online marketing bids. Specifically, the program teaches you four types of emails that are most effective.
  • Increased profits: the major reward that comes with using this marketing tool is that you gain practical knowledge on how to maximize profits your subscribers.
  • Getting/Increasing traffic: you need traffic before you effectively monetize your site. This program contains eight methods of gaining and growing traffic to your site (and thus emails subscribers).
  • Free report: you will get a free report that features Anik outlining his business model and how he used the program to make over ten million dollars.
  • Free video: this video will give you first-hand teachings on how to use the program effectively. It lasts for over 50 minutes and features Anik himself.


  1. Helps you find your way around email marketing
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Plenty of video training
  1. Could be overwhelming if you have never done online marketing
Is it worth it?

YES! You not only increase the number of visitors to your site but also grow your list of email subscribers. You also get relevant information on how to use the list for profitability.